All your health information in a secure way!!!


Now you can access all your health data with just one login! Manage and share exams, reports and other files with your family, friends and even your doctors!

With TRIA you have several benefits:

  • Convenience to receive test results without leaving home
  • Practical sharing of your information with healthcare professionals
  • Savings on duplicate exams and prescriptions
  • Security of your health information in an encrypted system


How It Works

We are a multiplatform system. Check below the different functionalities that we offer to our clients.

Manage your exams of the most diverse specialties! Feel free to also upload your own files
Search for clinics, labs and hospitals! Use filters and check more details about the institution of your choice
Search for doctors, share your exams and add them to your favorites list!
Add all your personal and medical information, such as allergies, family history and ongoing medications
Get access to your favorite doctors and institutions, manage your plan, and more!
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Who We Are

We were born in 2016 motivated to improve the patient's journey, in order to empower them with health data. The growth of healthtech and information security in Brazil and in the whole world were an endorsement to pursue this dream.



Contact Us


R. Duque Estrada, 41
Gávea - Rio de Janeiro - RJ
CEP: 22451-090